Fried Rooster at COQFIGHTER


Looking to have some South Korean chicken fried burger at Spitalfields?

Well look no further, check out this chicken fried burger at coqfighter just round the corner from the junction of Liverpool Street. The burger is fried to perfection the crunch on it is just to die for.

So there’s three of us here. I ordered a green chili cheese and Tawheed ordered the same. He had it last time he went yet still he ordered the same again. While it was easy for us it wasn’t plain sailing for Rahel to pick his meal. So, i just picked it for him. I just chose it Honey ginger buffalo

Green chilli cheese

Shredded iceberg

Pickled Green Chilli

American cheese

Chipotle Mayo

Honey ginger buffalo

Honey ginger buffalo sauce

Smoked garlic mayo

House pickles.

Coke price: £2



BOX PARK Shoreditch.